As I was taking the time to further reflect upon the relations of China with America, in-particular was once again drawn to Latin America. I would especially like to thank Florida’s Republican Senator and Ranking Member of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations: Senator Marco Antonio Rubio (R-FLA) for drawing America’s attention to Latin America. In efforts to focus upon regions as well as to remember to maintain America’s regional partnerships and alliances with Latin American. Which was also set forth within Senator Rubio’s recent writing entitled: The Case for Closer U.S.-Uruguay Relations and the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing for: Subcommittee on Western Hemisphere, Transnational Crime, Civilian Security, Democracy, Human Rights, and Global Women’s Issues.

“…the Chinese Communist Party — our nation’s greatest geopolitical adversary — is courting the Uruguayan government with a free trade agreement.”

— Senator Marco Rubio, The Case for Closer U.S.-Uruguay Relations (Rubio, 2022)

“I would like to take the time to thank you for sharing your expertise and insights with the writing that you have shared contained within the blog post entitled: “The Case for Closer U.S.-Uruguay Relations.” I especially appreciate your attention to Uruguay in South America. As I also think that it is in America’s best interests to keep note of what is happening in Latin America countries, to maintain, rebuild, renew and create new ties to regions. Especially as the influences of China whisper to nations of South America, and in a sense try to steal trading partnerships with the U.S. I agree that it is in the Biden Administrations’ and America’s best interests to protect South American relations, especially from anti-American influences from China’s State owned-industry and the Chinese Communist Party.”

— @MsSsHussain, from part of my response to Senator Rubio’s writing entitled: The Case for Closer U.S.-Uruguay Relations (Rubio, 2022)

As per reflection, the question really becomes: Can America afford to allow the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to further lure partnerships within Latin America? While mass public attention as well as Macro-Government are always caused to shift and sway, especially because of the politics of the day; it is without a doubt that we can foresee a silent confrontation that may emerge to the forefront within Latin America, that is also considered as a third world country, of concern between China and America (Woon, 2021).

Now while America has extensive alliances with the Republic of China (ROC), Taiwan. CCP can also put a claim upon ROC to call the region Chinese Taipei. To reveal that even if Taiwan is America’s ally, ROC is still considered as part of mainland China. Hence, America could very-well do the same: to reveal shared partnerships, links of languages, culture, heritage that link America much more with Latin America.

But the idea of hoarding and choosing sides is historically and to present day considered as an undesirable tactic. Given that America is Primus Inter Pares. A first among equals, and does not want to force anyone to take sides. Thus within the subcommittee hearing Ms. Kerri Hannan, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy, Policy, Planning and Coordination, Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, U.S. Department of State, Washington DC, USA., exemplifies this idea. Where she states that America does not want countries to be forced to choose a side (United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, 2022).

We can connect this idea to co-operation. As confrontation with America and China would serve as undesirable. If China is desiring peace as part of its economic growth, and returning power, then it is this idea of co-operation that is required. However if Primus Inter Pares is most desirable for America and the protection of alliances, America would also need to examine the impact or threat analysis of the CCP’s engagement within the Western Hemisphere and Latin America, to also keep in mind that of the latter: America needs to strengthen its relations with Latin America.

“It is not a forgone conclusion that America will win this struggle for hearts and minds”

— Walter Woon, 2021, p. 52.

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  • Notes: Originally hand-written on April 23, 2022. All views and opinions are my own and cited as per required. Thank you!

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸


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