This year on November 28th the 2021 the Advent season begins with the traditional Advent wreath, that consists of evergreens / greenery and 4 or 5 candles. Each Sunday a candle is lit for the joyous preparation and birth of Jesus Christ – The Messiah. The advent wreath is especially observed within the Catholic Christian faith. Last year 2021 was the first year that I decided to take part in this tradition, where I loved to decorate our marble candle-stick holder that I have kept for almost 20 years. As this time of year also marks a beginning and a closure of 2021, once again I would love to take-part in this tradition with you. I truly feel honored and grateful to be present for services that commemorate and contain joy and the teachings of this wondrous time of year. Below are some image of our advent wreath candle that I took this morning. Welcome and please enjoy with us!!! Thank you.

The colors of the candles are traditionally 3 purple and 1 pink with 1 white candle that can be placed in the middle of the circular wreath, that is symbolic as the Christmas Candle. I love the symbolism associated with circular; the infinite love of God, with the greenery symbolic of eternal life and hope.

Week 1 is representative of hope and the first purple candle is lit.

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With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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