ADVENT 2020!

Welcome to our Christmas Advent Calendar of 2020. Similar to 2019, I decided to create a virtual calendar and would like to include the traditional Christmas advent candle days within this calendar too.

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November 28th 2020 | The last Sunday in November is the beginning of Advent. The first purple candle, the color that is symbolic of royalty is lit for hope of the heart, that was found within the prophecies that: The Messiah – Jesus was coming and thus, will be born in the days coming ahead.

December 6th 2020 | On the second Sunday of the advent calendar the second purple candle of hope is lit, as preparation to receive the Lord Jesus Christ the Messiah.

December 13th, 2020 | On the third Sunday of Advent the Pink / Rose colored candle is lit. Also known as Gaudete Sunday and Rose Sunday. The candle signifies Joy for the faith of the arrival of Jesus, and also a time to not allow our struggles to overcome the joy of this arrival.

December 20th 2020 | On the fourth Sunday of advent the final purple candle is lit, this candle signifies Peace. It is also known as the Angel candles, as a reminder of the angles announcing the coming of Jesus for peace: Luke 2:14.

December 25th 2020 | On this day of Christmas the birth of Baby Jesus is celebrated with the lighting of a 5th white candle beginning on Christmas Eve. This candle symbolizes, birth, peace and Jesus Christ. Whilst the day of Christmas is marked on the 25th of December is should also be noted that for many Christians, Christmas is a season that is entitled as the Octave of Christmas, which is usually 8 days of celebration. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Reflection: This was the first year that I decided to include a Christmas Advent wreath from the Catholic tradition as part of the Advent 2020. I enjoyed taking part within this tradition and learned that in-order to keep the candles lit though-out the season we need more that just 5 candles! 😀 However, I absolutely loved the atmosphere that is created with the candles and candle wreath. Lots of love and Hugs!

Please click on the virtual advent calendar 2020 button for the link to the calendar.

Notes: This page and the advent calendar will continue to be updated throughout the advent calendar days. Thank you!

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