The truth is that as I was experiencing difficulties with my concentration, and I realized that I was falling behind with the current events, and the politics of the day. As especially my interests stem from an American point of view, I decided to watch ABC’s World News Tonight. A quick summary of the daily events. As I continued to watch of course we come to understand that news-media events can often cause a psychological response. Images of events, catastrophes, disasters and tragic events that take place.

As I reflected upon my thoughts I realized that much of what I was feeling can also be related to the reading and research of the exact same events. Topics include – regional crisis within Afghanistan, the world-wide refugee crisis, COVID 19, International law, human rights issues, domestic, foreign events and so on.

I found a common element of a researcher / reader, to that of a reporter / journalist. Maybe the news reporter often also feels the same depression, anxiety, and a sense of hurt, sadness, as cycles of events repeat upon a domestic and foreign level? As I further contemplated, I also regained internal strength, to realize that the act of research and readership is pivotal to formulating an opinion. Views which also make-up much of what is viewed.

Such as bringing in people, professionals from various expertise to voice an opinion or to offer advice. I appreciate that a news reader / journalist may not wear a formal uniform, but is always in the front-line as a professional anchor, civilian, who is protecting and performing a duty to nation.

It is with these words I express my love and gratitude to all who serve with a military uniform or civilian. Thank you for your services and sacrifices. Maybe you are like me who has experienced some form of psychological effects to the daily events that occur to hurt and harm, but also to look on the bright side for a smile to say I am with you. Happy Armed Forces Day!

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on May 15th 2021.

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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