I have always reflected upon the meaning of colors, especially with their symbolism and what color can stand for. This is especially important if one is trying to convey an idea, atmosphere or evoke a certain type of feeling within another. These types of considerations are especially important to designers of all types as well as the artist.

In-keeping with these thoughts I became reflective of the color red. Especially as red being the color of blood. Whereas this red blood that we carry to keep us alive can also be the color for sorrow, grief and sensitivity as I write of death too. Red can be pain, joy and symbolize love. This is the irony / dichotomy of the colourful relations and the meanings that we create. Because even as we desire to create or convey a certain type of emotion, it can be perceived very differently to another.

Just as this miraculous fluid of blood runs through our veins and arteries, that call us to live, protect and preserve life. Its miracle and fragility is perceived with the red of the blood.

Dedication: Whilst I have reflected upon the importance of blood red as life, death, joy, happiness, pain and love, and the many other attributes, I would like to share the following image to that exemplifies to convey feeling and emotion through design – the spaces that humans traverse – what meets the eyes, to evoke and create. I especially loved the lighting on the ceilings that were created as flower petals, the color combinations of the furniture, as well as the roses. This image is of the Bloom & Bee enchanting dining experience at The Post Oak Hotel that is located in Uptown, Houston, Texas, USA.

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My thoughts to share with love and Kindness! 🌹

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