President’s Day 2020

President’s day was a day established in 1885, the third Monday of February to recognize President George Washington, whilst today the holiday is utilized to celebrate past and present Presidents. As I was reading the description of George Washington as one of the founding fathers, in the book that I recently shared via Instagram: I learned that Washington was not that much fond of the British or the Brits, whilst he was Officer and Commander-in-Chief of the Virginia militia from 1752-1755. With the assistance of the French armed forces, George Washington was able to secure victories. George Washington was President of the United States of America from 1789 – 1797. Washington “served his country mightily, winning a place among the worlds greatest heroes” (Wilson, 74).

George Washington “served his country mightily, winning a place among the worlds greatest heroes” Vincent Wilson JR. #ShaziBlog #Quote #PresidentsDay

As I reflect upon the historical account, I thought about battles, victories and the formation of America. Of course ties to nations, even the Brits have developed with time. But it must also be remembered that American cities were tied to Britain and Europe, especially by “economic trade” (U. S. Department of Interior, 9). I think about the hardships and struggles leading figures such as Presidents engaged in for the formation of America and the American revolution. Formations, struggles and victories are continual, we see these through current democracy, current President’s, at the national and global levels.

Happy President’s Day 2020!

In recognition of this history, and President’s day holiday, I decided to bake a cake, called the Bundt cake. I later learned that the cake pan mold was created by H. David. Dalquist in 1950, owner of Minnesota’s Nordic Ware. The pan design was inspired by European desserts and bakeware. The cake is known as an American Dessert and tradition.

Further Reading


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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on February 17th, 2020.

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