On Earth Day 2023 I would like to continue to reiterate and thank all who advocate and share their efforts for the conservations and replenishing of the Earth. To all who celebrate and are able to enjoy the outdoors, and everyone who simply desires to create a clean living environment, take care of houseplants,the individuals who are not able to take part in any-kind of activity but yearn to feel the fresh air, thank and pray to God for the Earth, habitats and human survival I am thankful. Happy Earth Day 2023.

It is on this day I am also reflective of the human advocacy for the Earth and wonder how these efforts far outweigh the human efforts, and even the conversations relating to Pro-Life advocacies. Thus; to recognize that the debate of Nature vs. Nurture is never one or the other, but rather synonymous.

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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