The World Baseball Classic 2023 is a baseball tournament that is taking place from March 8th – March 21st 2023, that consists of 16 national teams, with America’s baseball team as the defending champions of 2017. The tournament was originally scheduled for 2021, but was delayed because of the Coronavirus health pandemic.

The World Baseball Classic 2023 is taking place in the countries of the United States of America, Japan and Taiwan. Within the host cities of Miami, Phoenix, Tokyo and Taichung. I am proud to join the Worldwide teams, athletes, supporters, fans, and all that make this event possible. As the tournament is reaching the final game, I congratulate all who have taken part thus far.

On March 19th 2023 it was announced that José Carlos Altuve had suffered from an injury during the game between Venezuela and the United States. Altuve is a professional Venezuelan born baseball athlete and is representing Venezuela within this baseball tournament. Altuve is an American League Baseball athlete for the Houston Astros, an 8-time MLB All-Star and a Most Valuable Player (MVP) recipient award recipient of 2017.

Altuve also won the Sportsmanship Award from the Houston Sports Awards and won the 2022 World Baseball championship trophy for the Houston Astros. I wish you all the very best for your recovery, and for your continued success. Thank you for all your efforts and representation of Houston! While I know that it is an honor to represent your home country, I also think that having included you in America’s team would have been very lovely, as well as for the inclusion of diverse athletes that have accomplished very much for the USA.

It is with these thoughts I wish the remaining teams all the very best of luck! Congratulations to the USA team that has reached the final to defend the title of 2017!

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