Please welcome our latest embroidery creation that I have entitled as Texas Bluebonnet. I was inspired to create this embroidery as I learned that the Texas Bluebonnet is a national state symbol that was officially designated in 1971, when the 62nd Texas state legislature passed house resolution number 44.

The formal name of the flower is Lupinus Texensis with the color variety of blues, purples, pinks and red. The species of the flower are found in Texas and Mexican states. The top of the flower is shaped as a bonnet, that traditionally the pioneer women wore. Within this embroidery, I utilized red and blue threads to create the main body of the flower, with purple thread to create the shape of the flower and green for the leaves. I desired to create tones with the white threads.

I appreciate the work of the needle and threads to create for the purposes of human goodness such as the arts and crafts. And I love the idea of flower symbolism. Thank you and welcome Texas Bluebonnet!

With love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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