As I close my eyes and drift away to a land where there is love, health, peace and blessings. I wanted to take the time to think and reflect. The truth is that I decided to take a break from writing my blog posts. The decision was one that contains elements of flexibility given that writing and publishing my thoughts, views and opinions are significantly important to me; with the care and concern of domestic and foreign. Of-course my views are always grounded as American. With my research interests of formal academic work stemming from 7-10 years, alongside informal writing within various websites for 7-8 years.

It is of-course always a critical point where views stem from, especially if one is not a citizen of a nation. But this is not out of the ordinary, or should be thought of as unacceptable – especially as researchers, scholars, those in formal or informal Government positions, have a vested interest in the care, concerns, progress and developments that affect nation. This is also connected with fidelity. Fidelity to a nation that begins with fidelity to a person / individuals and so forth.

In my view: political writing where one is not from the formal polity is absolutely acceptable. Here we can think about notable Worldwide scholars, academic institutions, International and Global networks that contain people from various backgrounds. Please also see the quote below from an academic research paper that I previously wrote:

“The concern with increased globalization is that the role of the citizen is withering away (Torres, 2002, p. 373). Citizenship informs identity, rights, duties, and loyalties to a nation. Citizenship is also limiting. It informs belonging and un-belonging to a land. When a person belongs to a polity and engages with others, forges partnerships at the global level, their membership reaches beyond the polity. ‘The nation is no longer an autonomous and independent organization … instead we have a system of constitutionally interconnected systems with a multiplicity of membership’ (2002, p. 373)” (Hussain, 2018).

Having said this – the thoughts that I have conveyed in this blog post are similar to views / opinions as I have written prior. I feel somewhat unsettled that one must repeatedly have to explain or justify one’s intentions or opinions. However; in the learning / academic World we have to accept this as well – why is what you say important? Why is your research important and so on. But I guess even the best of writers including journalists receive the critics extensions? As we live in the era of digital media – could we simply become critical of anyone who publishes?

It is difficult to take a step back – even when we see and hear of the devastations, destructions of humankind and nature. You may of heard of the saying / quote? “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The heart aches when the chaos and suffering is heard. But what if the suffering, chaos of one individual is reduced and eliminated, could this be the real beginning to ease suffering for the many? Maybe emotional energy could be utilized in a way that is productive to the eliminations of one’s own suffering and chaos?

But as I write these words I think of pioneering individuals amongst many: José Julián Martí Pérez, Frida Kahlo, Bartolomé de las Casas. Individuals whose care and concern for humanity went beyond one’s own suffering, to continue to raise voices for those who are more fragile and more vulnerable.

To care one must care deeply. ⭐️

Fidelity arrives with great love, sacrifice, responsibility and much much more. 💐

Dedication: These thoughts and opinions are dedicated to all who currently serve, all who have served and sacrificed for the nation of the United States of America. These thoughts are dedicated to scholars and academics who have dedicated the life work / research in-service of America. Within these thoughts I reiterate fidelity, care and concerns for the nation of America, domestic and foreign. I reiterate and also express the cares and concerns upon a Global level. I have written sparingly for personal safety and security, I have not included the reference for the above unpublished manuscript for the same reason. Thank you for your continued service, sacrifices, and loyalty to America.


  • Cronin, K. A. (2002). Behind the Curve: Globalization and International Terrorism. The MIT Press, 27 (3), 30-58.
  • Torres, A.C. (2002). Globalization, Education, and Citizenship: Solidarity verses Markets?American Educational Research Association, 39 (2), 363-378.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written in the morning (AM) of Friday October 7th 2022. I especially wanted to include for the purposes of RED FRIDAY. All views and opinions are my own. Thank you.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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