I would like to congratulate and thank Nancy Pelosi the 52nd House Speaker for the United States Congress / House of Representatives for her dedication and commitment to serve the American People. On the 17th of November Ms. Pelosi formally announced her departure that was met with great awe, thankfulness, and of-course many in oppositional natures, but I guess this is what politics is? But politics also recognizes when a human being should be appreciated regardless of political party or opinions.

I will remember Ms. Pelosi as an inspirational woman that has served within the public eye, a strong and determined woman that possesses the ability to withstand the most cruel form of oppositions. For this public professional opinion I thank you. I wish you all of the very best as you push forth to your future goals, personal life, and echo your thoughts to encourage the next Speaker of the House, the future generations of Republicans, as Senate control shifts as Republically held.

I wish all elected officials for the 118th United States Congress all the very best. I thank you all for your service to the public, especially as you are granted with the authority to make vital decisions that affect human populations. Leaderships of all-kinds recognize when it is time to take a step-back or lean in, which is also why I decided to publish these thoughts as I have also taken reflective time away from writing / publishing. I have always enjoyed to offer you my views / opinions – and continue to place emphasis upon loyalty and fidelity. Thank you House Speaker Nancy Pelosi! Semper Fi!

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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