On the occasion of Cinco-De-Mayo 2022 that commemorates and celebrates the victory of the Battle of the Pueblo, I would like to convey my good thoughts to all who share this victory. In particular the Mexican communities that live in the United States of America, and especially Southern States such as Texas, USA that embraces the cultural diversity of this heritage. I appreciate the beautiful colors of fabrics, traditions, food, music and much more. Cinco-De-Mayo celebrates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French. For the commemoration of 2022 I would like to include thoughts from my previous readings that offered ideas associated to the U.S. and Mexican Southern Border as follows: “‘We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us’” (Gibson, 2019, p. 222). The irony is in-fact that the U.S. territory was drawn upon Mexican lands that were build upon the Spanish precedent. As Mesilla was purchased by the U.S., and the control of the territory was ceded to the U.S. This view is relevant in-particular to current discussions surrounding migrations, immigrations and Title 42.

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Reference: Gibson, C. (2019). EL NORTE The Epic and Forgotten History of Hispanic North America. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press.

Wishing everyone who celebrates a very happy Cinco De Mayo. FELIZ CINCO DE MAYO 2022!!! 🇺🇸

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