Cinco De Mayo 2020 was celebrated on May 5th 2020. For this day I would like to wish belated wishes of happiness and joy for everyone who celebrates / commemorates the victory of the Battle of Puebla. Although this year we may not see the parades, happiness, beautiful colors, designs that represent culture, traditions and delicious food, we continue to offer good wishes to all who celebrated.

It is with these wishes I would also like to offer a huge thank you to Tilman Fertitta and the Fertitta family who have been offering free Tacos on Taco Tuesday and to all who have donated blood, during the Houston Blood drives held at the Toyota Center, Houston, Texas, during this Coronavirus health pandemic. Thank you for your efforts of giving back to the community, as well as sharing cultural food with all who are volunteering there efforts and impacted with the Coronavirus Crisis. Texas truly is reflective of a unique, culturally diverse state. Virtual Tacos and Thank you!

¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Happy Cinco De Mayo to all!

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My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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