The Creation of War: Evasion Attention.

As I was taking the time to reflect upon current World events such as the war in Ukraine that is led by Russia, the devastating effects that are creating a humanitarian impact, the Coronavirus Health Pandemic, the impacts are still being felt, as nations and regions begin the re-opening phases.

Within this moment | I recently wrote upon the needs and desire to wrap-up the war, and echo the words of the Ukrainian populations, demonstrating the disbelief to see war actions as living in the 21st century, and within nations termed as 1st World Nations. Although we can look to regions of Syria, Afghanistan, the Middle-East, Latin America, where individuals live amidst war and humanitarian crisis’ everyday.

With heartfelt gratitude, we have to remain thankful that we are physically living, breathing, alive, and in a nation that is free from physical acts of war. Of course the psychological affects of war is another topic. Where we are bombarded with psychological abuses, terror, that are also acts for war. One is caused to feel a sense of displacement, anguish, anxiety, not knowing what to expect. And simply to say: Where do I belong?

This is also where the idea of putting an end to war – wrap it up is derived. You really need to conclude this, especially as the interiority of a nation has so much that needs to be tended too. Swaying the focus of World Leaders from the domestic agendas. I put more emphasis upon this thought, especially as I began to read about the care and concerns of local populations, the leadership and efforts from law-makers that are regionally and internationally inclined to create better societies.

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These thoughts are also reflective of military deployment who serve at the U.S. Foreign service levels, that place America and American National Interests as first priority. And when returning from deployment find a pace to settle within communities.

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  2. The Florida Capitol Star | Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Join Amicus Brief Defending Religious Exemptions

Notes: I am grateful and thankful to local leaders who together form a collective national and international / Global leadership for the United States of America. Especially to mention my navigation of Senator M. Rubio’s (R-FL) website to learn more about the local needs of populations, National Interests and the processes involved to help the voices of individuals heard, as well as to create conversations that are not always in-line with the macro-narrative, thus again reveal what a President says and does is not always absolute. It is important to note that my views are not an attempt to ignore the realities of physical wars, but rather another view upon the truths of creating wars.

These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 25th 2022. All views and opinions are my own, and cited and referred to as per needed.

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With Love & Kindness! 🌹

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