The above quote is shared from a previous blog post that was written as part of the Russia-Ukraine War. While I continue to believe that the war is motivated from the root cause to claim natural resources and a power grab. I would like to re-affirm a focus to that of World Peace and International Peace with this selected quote.

I especially created the design with an image from the Florida Everglades Park, South Florida, USA, as the Everglades Park is a World / Internationally renowned park that serves to attract tourists from across the Globe. And to continue to support the on-going efforts of Senator Rubio (R-FLA.) with the Florida Ecosystem Enhancement Act introduced in February 20th 2022.

I know that refugees and migrants are fleeing the war-torn Ukraine’s primary focus is to survive, and we continue to hope that your needs are being met. To also bring forth attention to World-Leaders that the microcosms, the needs within a nation are also in-need and require attention. Thus to create a sense of balance between geopolitical issues, and more reasons to wrap-up the war. I wish that my words will inspire you.

Further Reading:

Image Link | U.S. Dept of Interior | South Florida Everglades National Park.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸🗺

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