On June 24th 2021 President Joseph Biden JR., signed an infrastructure plan that would help to provide vital investments. Whilst this was sensed as a successful moment within Washington, I found it interesting that there was a bridge collapse in Washington DC a day prior and an Apartment building collapse, on the day of signing this deal for the Biden economic agenda. Of course roads, buildings and bridges can always be rebuilt, but life is fragile. Can we ever bring someone back to life?

Many people make investments within their habitual spaces, that often come with great sacrifice and a life-long investment that is lost through the very damages. We hope that insurances claims, monetary aid can assist to offer a source of support for recovery and rebuilding.

It is with these thoughts I offer my love, prayer and condolences to the victims, individuals, families, loved ones, communities and all who mourn the injury and loss of life from the Washington DC bridge collapse and the catastrophic building collapse in Surfside, Florida. I pray that all the victims from the Bridge collapse in Washington DC recover, and that response teams will find anyone that is missing within the rubble alive.

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With love, prayer and condolences, thank you for your service.

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