The truth is that violence had once again erupted within Israel. I was deeply saddened to hear of the violence, protests and tragic loss of life from these escalations and know that they have steamed from protests of evictions from a Palestinian neighbourhood called Sheikh Jarrah. I also know that the physical violences and the situation in the Middle-East is causing tension within the framework of American politics, where there was once a very Pro-Israel President, former President Donald J. Trump, who was very clear on the side, without taking the time to analyze situations, hence the efforts to broker peace with agreements.

We are aware that individuals and USA politicians, Global and International are utilizing the situation to say: “I stand with Israel” or “I Stand with Palestine.” But in my view I think that the leaders are wrong. I have always believed that the sacred holy sites belong to all who worship. Just as the lands that we walk upon. Although as humans we have claimed territory, beyond these social constructions; the Earth belongs to all. To possess the ability to worship and maneuver through spaces. Of course the “covid-collapse” has taken away much of our precious human freedoms. The devastating loss of life and the psychological tolls as well.

The noble leader will take the time to analyze the situation on the ground and intervene accordingly. Whilst I know that Israel is a great ally to the United States of America, and relations of course are desired to preserve, protect and maintain.

However, I also believe from the perspective of a humanitarian that there is a power leverage, where the vulnerable have been used and abused, without consideration for safe living spaces. With the unfortunate truth that real reasons for violence / protests are ignored to once again propel the divide of Israel and Palestine, that disrupts peace efforts from leadership and communities.

It is with these thoughts I pray for peace. To protect and preserve the beautiful historical sites that deserve to be preserved for all. The violent attacks and destructions have truly abused the cause of religions. The violence has abused and hurt the holy sites. To once again reveal that in war there truly are no winners (Wings of Honor, 2009).

Further Reading:

Reference: Wings of Honor, 2009. (Please note that I am not able to provide a complete reference at this time and have provided the URL for the documentary that was produced in 2009).

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on May 12th 2021.

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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