I join world religious leaders and world leaders from the international community to pay our respect and love for Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq. This first historic Papal visit was met with happiness and a welcome from which we could clearly see the efforts that the leaders and people of Iraq have endeavoured within, to make this trip memorable and historic for Pope Francis, the Vatican and Iraq. I am truly touched with Pope Francis’ efforts and desires to create peace, build and re-build human bridges for peace. Thank you for your efforts Pope Francis, may the desires and intentions of your trip be fulfilled. Thank you also to everyone in Iraq who has received Pope Francis with such love. It is our continued hope that the remaining days of this trip are full of love, happiness and peace-making wishes; in the land of Abraham. Congratulations upon this historic visit to Iraq! – March 5th

March 7th 2021 – I continue to remain inspired be Pope Francis’ efforts for peace with the Iraq visit. I would like to share this Peace Dove water color sketch of a dove shaped with the Arabic writing that reads as Peace, that I created in the year of 2008. Thank you. God Bless You!

March 11th – As Pope Francis’ trip to Iraq ended on March 8th 2021, I would like to once again thank Pope Francis, all those who accompanied him upon his trip, the Vatican and everyone in Iraq who made this trip successful. From the images and news releases we can see the many efforts that were involved for peace conversations, the revitalizations of the Christian community, as well and being well-received from inter-faith groups and leaders. Upon leaving, the maintaining of these efforts remains at the hands of the people within Iraq, leaders and communities.

I also echo the risks that were involved during the trip especially within areas that were formally controlled by ISIS, and the rocket attacks upon the U.S. military troop base that took place a few days earlier before the visit.

As Iraq also tries to put the violence behind them and look towards the future, I congratulate everyone for making this historic trip of peace and rejuvenation possible.

Further Reading : The New York Times | Pope Francis Ends Historic Trip at a Critical Moment for Iraq

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness!

Notes | Originally shared on March 5th and updated on March 7th and 11th 2021.

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