There is an expression that there is no time to leave important words left unsaid. And the truth is that within this realm, there is the risk of saying it all to venture into the unknown spaces, and continuing to do so, even whilst feeling this sense of fear; depending upon contexts. Whilst I have felt this way many times – I was reminded of this idea with the yearly Queen’s Christmas speech.

I was quite taken with Her Majesty (HM) Queen Elizabeth II’s desire to send a message of peace. To live in peace and harmony with special regards to faith and religion, and the appreciation for Princess Kate Middleton’s work during the health pandemic. I also appreciated the consideration of celebrations and how celebrations are not celebrated as the same. This is true not only because of the Coronavirus health pandemic and restrictions, but also because of relations.

Whilst what is conveyed as the public levels might not be what is held as privately true. I can imagine that having family members away, or relations not as they were to have an impact upon what is felt within. This thought speaks to a grandmother HM Queen Elizabeth II and also Prince Harry, who has sacrificed his monarchy status and family to build a family with his wife Megan Markle.

I don’t think that one can be on any side, simply to say that sacrifices have been made by all. Relations do change. We can only hope that the links and bonds will remain, and rather to allow alliances to flourish, that should be viewed to create a bond with America and England (UK).

Sometimes there is no time to leave important words left unsaid, I also write these words to convey thanks and gratitude to HM Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Monarchy. Whilst I have not always agreed with much especially pertaining to politics, I do appreciate HM Queen Elizabeth’s example of a woman who can reign and lead a country as the longest reigning Monarch. And I also hope and that the British Royal Monarchy will consider to build positive relations, strengthen ties with nations to support the marriage of Prince Harry to an American as he also lives in a foreign land.

Every Queen Needs A King. #ShaziaBlog #Quote #QueensSpeech #Christmas

My Thoughts To Share With Love & Kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on 25th December 2020.

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