In honor and celebration of the Sevilla Football Club’s (FC) UEFA Europa League football championship win, Spanish Soccer / football team – I decided to cook Churro in the form of Ice Cream sandwiches. Churro’s are a traditional dessert originating from Spain, Portugal, and also known as an American dessert. Congratulations upon your win for your team and country.

I would also like to share this dessert as a form of food diplomacy. From the recent reading, writing and reflecting with regards to American History, as related to the Spanish Expeditions. Many critics of Christopher Columbus have formed, but it is quite a simple fact that the discovery of America, was a God Given avenue for American lands to be found, and known to Europe and Britain. Even as the argument exists to the natives’ first claim to the America’s. America came to be known and exist because American was found, thus; the Spanish Expeditions.

This was my first time making Churros. I absolutely loved the recipe and would agree that piping the dough is a good work-out for the arms. Thank you Brandi Milloy from Pop Sugar.

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