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The truth is that I was taking the time to reflect upon my previous thoughts, particularly with regards to the meaning of the acronym, I.N.R.I. Which is translated from latin as: “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.” Whilst my previous thoughts contemplated on the words of “I” and “We,” in relation to this acronym; which I still hold as valid. I wanted to think more about the context of INRI. This acronym was mounted on top of the cross where Jesus was crucified. However, INRI was not displayed as a matter of glory. It was displayed as the charges put against Jesus. Who claimed that he was King of the Jews / Jewish people. So whilst Jesus made this claim, it was the charge that was brought against him. Meaning that this claim was rebuked by the Jews / Jewish people. But of course I am not trying to write these words to evoke hate, but can be viewed as moments of contemplation. Especially when we think about USA relation with Israel.

Israel has been a long-standing ally with the USA, in the lands where the national motto is read as: “In God We Trust.” But it is exactly within the lands of Israel, where Jesus himself was mocked, ridiculed and punished, by the very people who today are derived from generations; who were actually betrayers and Jesus’ persecutors.

So in this moment of contemplation, I wonder how a national motto, such as: “In God We Trust,” can be viewed as contradictory. Especially when we tie with: who are the major allies of the USA? And do they respect and adore the national symbol / love for God-Jesus Christ? This is indeed a moment to reflect upon, especially when Middle-East peace plans are drawn and laid out. That of course favor Israel. But historically if we look at maps, we can see that Israel was majority Palestinian land. Iniaitves such as a peace-plan could be viewed as building peace, but on the flip side viewed as whose interests are being put at the forefront? And how does religion intersect with these types of peace efforts. Whilst of course it might not be realistic to be back in the year of 1946, as much has taken place. In my view, I think there might be some opportunity within this peace plan.

Palestinian Loss of Land Map.
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Summary Point:

  • The USA national motto is: “In God We Trust.” As a major ally of Israel, I question how national ties contradict with the historical charge of I.N.R.I. as the betrayal of Jesus? And essentially why it is necessary to obtain a balance with regards to middle-east peace plans, between Palestinian – Israeli Leadership.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on 31st January 2020.

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