I was inspired to learn more about the app named TikTok that is owned by the Chinese company named ByteDance Ltd (Limited). Especially from Twitter posts that were shared from Florida’s Republican Senior Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), in-particular I was drawn to the views associated with TikTok as a threat for American Security. I took the time to reflect upon this and realized that the revenue gained from TikTok is on the increase and is steadily reaching FaceBook as compared with Twitter and Instagram. The revenue component is a factor given that the app is developed and owned by a Chinese owner. Hence, the accrual of monetary, net-gain with the ability of Chinese influence (s)?

But there are of-course other connections pertaining to the idea of threat that we can make: such as the origin of the Coronavirus from China as a form of bio-terrorism. As well as previous writing and research to the great power competition for Latin America between China, Russia and The United States of America.

While nations such as China and Russia have had their own interests according to natural resources, oil and gas, there is of-course the issue of the ability of such apps as TikTok to prey upon the vulnerable communities in Latin America. To utilize this vulnerability to gain and claim power. It is concerning but I think that it is sad that nations such as China have used the United States of America from previous and current investment sources. Hence; China’s uprising was never created by China alone. To also reckon that it is also in China’s best interests to keep good relations with the United States of America.

We are able to further link the use of apps such as TikTok to cell phone parts that are manufactured in China as a ways and means of collecting human data and human trafficking ability. The idea of human trafficking associated with the human being as a machine made me think about the Information Space, the age / revolution of technology, globalization and satellite systems.

This is of concern as China has their own satellite system as opposed to Europe and Nato Allies that have to request access from nations such as Russia, China and the USA. I wondered if the human machine and its capabilities to monitor, control as well an establishment for World / hemispheric power is becoming uncontrollable? Which delves further into the idea of Governance that is required for all nations engaged in Satellite / space control, monitoring and navigation. Similar to that of Nuclear control, the use of oil, gas, supply chain demand and control.

Notes: While the above thoughts consider the app TikTok as a threat to American security, it is important to remember that the individuals who are utilizing this app are simply ordinary people / consumers that are probably not-aware of deeper issues that concern a nation’s security and geopolitics. It is also important to include that the platform capability of TikTok is iOS, iPADOS and Android. To also note how owners and operators of technological companies are deeply intertwined and connected. Which also develops the idea of what kind of threat or level of threat is determined to American Security?? The intersections of these types of relations as a form of counterterrorism as well.

Further Thinking: These thoughts can be further developed especially for the purposes of the military branch of The United States Space Force (USSF).

Helpful Link: U.S. Senator for Florida Marco Rubio | WTAS: Rubio Legislation to Ban TikTok in the United States Receives Widespread Coverage

Further Reading:

  • Riikonen, A. (2019). Decide, Disrupt, Destroy: Information Systems in Great Power Competition with China. Strategic Studies Quarterly13(4), 122–145. https://www.jstor.org/stable/26815049

Image 1 – Link Transparent TikTok Logo.

Originally hand-written on January 2nd 2022. All views and opinions are my own and cited as per required. Thank you for your continued readership.

With Love & Kindness!🇺🇸

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