I took the time to reflect upon the year of 2022. I know that sometimes we tend to focus upon what didn’t work out, why did this or that happen, or things didn’t work out the way we would have wanted to or not. These thoughts are linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, that has now entered into its 4th year. That has limited and restricted human freedom and movements. Amongst much more the macro-economic events that concern and affect the microcosm. But there should always be room to be grateful and thankful for the happy moments with the joys that are received.

These are some of the thoughts that I reflected upon especially as I was disheartened to learn of the passing of precious lives in the span of 3-4 days. But even as sometimes the grief can be too much to bear, I was inspired by our Holy Father Pope Francis who remained calm. Whose soothing soul presence wanted us to celebrate and be thankful for the arrival of the New Year, amidst the reminders of the perishable life during the First Vespers of the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God Mass services (New year’s Eve).

The passing of precious lives are also reminders for us all: Are we able to share each-others grief, pain and sorrow? Just as we share each-other’s love, happiness and joy?

It is with these words I share my in-memoriam for the following individuals, and would also like to include anyone that I have not written or mentioned, I also express the same sentiment of condolences and sympathy.

  • Pope Benedict XVI (16 April 1927 – 31 December 2022) was the retired Pope known as the Pope Emeritus upon his resignation. Pope Benedict XVI passed away on the 364th day of the year 2022, New Year’s Eve at the chronological age of 95. Thank you for your gentle love, kindness, words of wisdom. Your beautiful devoted life and service to God. May you find eternal rest in the Heavenly kingdom of God.
  • Barbara Jill Walters (September 25, 1929 – December 30, 2022) was a legendary American T.V host and anchor with ABC News. Her long-lasting public broadcasting career included co-hosting ABC’s “20-20,” launching and becoming the host of “The View.” An inspiring woman and mother amongst many of her accomplishments, a familiar face, a T.V. personality that was welcomed into the homes of many is very much missed. Her chronological age was 93.
  • Edson Arantes do Nascimento also known as Pelé (23 October 1940 – 29 December 2022) was the legendary brazilian football / soccer athlete. The FIFA World Cup organization considered him as one of the greatest football / soccer players of all-time. Thank you for your sportsmanship, the Worldwide fan base that you created and the many endeavors through your athletic career platform. Pelé’s chronological age was 82.
  • Dax Tejera was a ABC News Executive Producer for “This Week” that passed away suddenly of a heart attack at the young age of 37. He leaves his wife Veronica and 2 young children. My thoughts of sympathy and condolences to all at ABC News Media Corporation.

With the inclusion of the above individuals I also reflect upon the on-going Russia-Ukraine war that has impacted the lives of many in the countries affected, Europe, Britain and WorldWide hemispheric regional concerns. The current and ongoing situation that is developing at the U.S. Southern border.

I reflect upon the significant passing of Queen Elizabeth II whose life loss and legacy, continues to remain with us all, to also include the remembrance of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th Jubilee celebrations. I reflect upon the 9/11 Memorial services of 2022 that considerably impacted me and affected me in several ways.

The memories of the Uvalde massacre and the many more the took the lives of the young and innocent. It is without a doubt the psychological toll of grief absolutely does affect us. I thank all who try to support and strengthen us to never waiver and keep the soul resilient.

Thank you.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on January 1st 2023. I thank you for your patience and understanding as I have taken time away from regular publishing especially during the time of the Christmas Advent Season.

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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