On July 30th 2022 the International Community / World / Globe recognizes: World Day Against Human Trafficking in Persons. This day is a time to reflect, and for those who possess the ability to create awareness, human action, offer protections, services and etcetera. For individuals who are vulnerable, and more likely to fall to prey into the hands of human traffickers. Human trafficking can be found in various forms and usually involves the exploitation of vulnerable humans.

These issues of concerns are intertwined with recent tragic events of the Texas Migrant Truck – individuals entice humans abroad a vehicle for a better life, with the inevitable of death and destructions that occur. Refugees and asylum seekers at the U.S. Mexico border, the Global / World refugee crisis, to connect human trafficking with humanitarian crisis and regional crisis spurring from anti-democratic Governments. However, most of the time we think that human trafficking occurs in countries with lower Gross Domestic Product (GDP), but the concerns are also very real for countries with higher GDP’s, and even Governments who are very outspoken against human trafficking in persons.

It is on this day I wish that the International / World / Global community, and in-particular corporations will also recognize their moral duty for the elimination of human trafficking, the creation of meaningful employment, avenues for individuals to feel safe and secure, without feeling a sense of desperation, vulnerability or exploitation. With concerns that are also associated with human dignity. This sometimes sounds easier said than done. Most of the time there is a need to empower potential victims / victims, the creation of confidence, working with human service organizations, such as Non-Profit Organizations (NGO) to give persons the help and tools for empowerment.

I would like to take the time to thank The Honorable Senior Senator Marco Rubio for Florida, U.S. House of Representatives, USA, for raising and creating awareness for the importance to end Human trafficking in the United States and across the globe.

Thank you for your service! 🍊💐

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Notes: All views and opinions are my own and are mentioned / cited as per required. Thank you.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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