As per the root blog post entitled: MEDITATIONS AND REFLECTIONS: SENATOR RUBIO’S ADDRESS FROM THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION, there were thoughts contained within Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FLA) address that I wanted to return to. The blog post is described as the root of a tree or a flower if you will, with the branches as various ideas that bloom for the World. In the form of more writing and publishing blog posts. To further flesh ideas from the root post, and continue with the themes of human nature.

From the root I previously wrote upon the Florida “Don’t Say Gay” bill, tied thoughts related to human nature, human biology and the school as a social institution. I also wanted to learn more about China’s role of the Russia-Ukraine situation, and thus desired to formulate a current view.

While our humanitarian concern remains for Ukraine and also a World Humanitarian concern, there is of course no-doubt that trying to understand the root cause of war is a must. To contain and also to scuffle for some type of orderly peace. For the containment of war must also happen. Derived from leaders or not, efforts continue.

From the recent, The New York Times article entitled: Marco Rubio Leads G.O.P. Push for a More Combative Stance on China (2022, March 28). I agreed with Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FLA) view, that the seriousness of taking China as threat was necessary. Particularly as Russia is helping China to develop a missile attack early warning system (Sushentsov, 2021, p. 112). Thus, to recognize that the strengthening of military capabilities is a sign to Western nations: Shanghai, Beijing, China, military, weaponry, armed strengths……

While nations are alert, protective, and desire to develop hard-power, to further enhance protective capabilities should threats emerge; as previously noted: China should recognize that Western nations, in-particular American investment were and are vital contributors to its so called rise. And if there is a desire to “cut-off” (Senator Rubio Press, 2022) the USA, could China simply do this or vice-versa?

In-particular as we learn about the close economic interdependence of China and America, that has formulated for over one and a half century? (Sushentsov, 2021,p. 110). With over $600 Billion of Goods and Services with China. Partnerships for rare Earth Minerals, the development of hand-held (mobile) devices, phone chips, semiconductors for car-parts and so on. To also recognize the deep ties of the American Elite with China, who are particularly hesitant to be cut-off from China (2022, March 28).

Here as I have conveyed, America’s ties with China are also currently present. It must be noted upon the emphasis of the words economic interdependence, to signify the need for each other, thus; the economic trade and partnerships between America and China. The already existing investments matter to America as well as China.

With respect to the idea of Russia-Ukraine war, it is not America’s war. Although the concerns for war and human casualty are of increasing concern. To note that Russia has not engaged with a conflict against the USA since the Cold War (Sushentsov, 2021, p. 107). Russia also needs the West. But it is not just a matter of simple coordinates, as there are also close connections of the land mass, Alaska and Russia.

As a development of my thoughts, I think the geopolitical question really comes down to: Who are you with? Who do you want to be allied with? As the unfortunate Russia-Ukraine war, has sought to divide the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, particularly in-terms of oil and natural gas. To note here we cannot even call it an East-West divide anymore with the mentions of Alaska. But given the years of economic developments, partnerships and strategic ties, I wondered: Can we really create divisions, and cut-offs? And if there is no other way then of course a nation wants to take care of its own interests, look to develop industry within America, and create regional partnerships for instance, with Latin America.

According to People’s Daily China: “China does not seek geopolitical interests over Ukraine and has only one sincere hope for Russia-Ukraine situation, which is peace, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said.” (People’s China Daily, 2022, April 4). China also announced that it will provide 10 Million yuan worth of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine (People’s Daily China, 2022, March 21).


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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on April 4th 2022. All views and opinions are my own and are cited as per required. Please note that as current events unfold future views and opinions may also shift, in such a case blog posts will be amended, updated or further writing will be included as necessary. Thank you love from Shazia.

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With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸


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