The following words are meditations after I reflected upon a recent address from The Honorable Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) at the Heritage Foundation, Washington DC., USA.

Thank you for smiling Senator Rubio (R-FL) : )

For it is within our human nature to become unsettled and stark defenders when our human survival is threatened, or feel that what is precious to us is being taken away from us. Whilst I truly do believe that what is ours can never be taken away from us; just as the saying goes: What is meant for you will always be for you. The unsettling feelings are derived from our innate desires – and what is known as Evolutionary Psychology, connected to our human instincts. But whilst we possess animalistic desires, what sets the human apart from the animal is that of the human intellect. To rise above. To protect, defend, preserve, survive, reproduce life. With coercive strategies to do-no harm, or the minimalist of do-no harm.

EN VIVO = in vivo = In That Which We Find Life!

But today we live in a World where we hear of nations termed as 1st World or 3rd World Nations. We are once again led to associated human actions with animalistic natures, the barbarisms of war. As human-kind creates for the World, creations are destroyed with the same creative drives that cause the human being to create – to reveal: creativity that is positive, beneficial to an individual and community is also rooted from the same drives, as a human being that wants to destroy, destruct, connected with our desire to protect and defend. But even if humans have risen from animalistic nature – we turn towards the innate ancestral links of our human survival, that will also cause the human being to act. Sometimes that which makes sense and sometimes senseless.

“do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your minds in christ Jesus.”



I was pleasantly surprised to hear you speak Senator Rubio and grateful for the discussion of many topics that create contexts. Almost a story if you will, because sometimes as we are led to tweet or share our thoughts via social media, character lengths limit what we desire to say, and words can also be taken out of contexts. Especially associated with sensitive matters, pertaining to Russia’s next moves, the war ravaged Ukraine, as well as the root cause. Such as oil, natural gas, resources and a claim for these that have caused an act of war.

I appreciated your inclusion from a philosophical perspective and agreed with your words of human nature that is driven by a fallen species, But should human nature and our species be perceived as fallen? When we certainly possess the capability to rise beyond – and to remember: What is ours – no one can take? I reflected upon the words, conquer, conquest, control, connected to the idea of “return to history” and wondered if historical Spanish Conquests / expeditions could be viewed as similar to that of acts for war, and the want to claim? There could be similarities and differences, but what makes a historical conquest different was the discovery of land and claimed for Spanish Territory. Hence, the example of Ukraine is that the land is centuries discovered, but there is a Russian claim to resources. To also note the remarks from the President of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts Ph.D. Russia should not be viewed as America’s adversary. Even if there is a war with Russia and Ukraine, our own relations with nations need to thought about carefully, given that this is not America’s war.

With respect to China, whilst I am not currently familiar with the China Initiative or the Chinese Communist Party, I look forward to learning more. From prior knowledge, views and opinions, I always believed that a peaceful rise with China was the better way to view relations with the People’s Republic of China (PRC). But the truth of the matter is that China’s “rise” was also a making, a creation. With companies particularly from Western regions to be out-sourcing to China. In particular we could put forth the large technological corporation of Apple Inc. But is also now returning operations back to America with the creation of jobs and technological investments. So even if a rise or the intermediate rise of China is to take place, China needs to recognize that its Economic growth was not a lone creation. But rather investments form the West, as well as taking advantage of fragile nations, such as Venezuela. That sought to buy oil exports at a low cost, and yet the current Venezuelan regime does not see how Venezuela is being used. Simply put. China and Russia took Advantage of Venezuela, which is also why I agreed with slogans such as America First.

The Evolutionary side of my meditations and reflections connected well as a response to the recent bill that was signed into law from Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis entitled as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. A view held by Researchers, Scholars and Parents was concerned about the grade level of teaching, Sexuality and Gender Relations. As it should be noted that teaching or what is taught is also a type of social molding. And a view that is held will determine outcome. Such as Evolutionary Psychology, Social Psychology or combinations? Whilst I agreed that Gender / Sexuality studies should be above Grade 6, I didn’t agree with the name of the bill. Given the stigma associated with the label “Gay.” Hence, the irony “Don’t Say Gay.” And as there is a backlash from the bills passing, it is important to read what the bill is about.

Where I think that Florida has placed the importance upon parental rights. How schools and the type of school choose to enforce the bill will also be on the table. With the introduction of this bill, I think it was and should be important for Florida leaders to re-affirm, validate and secure the LGBTQ+ populations, particularly as we reflect upon the Pulse Mass Shooting that took place in Orlando, Florida. Also to connect with Pope Francis and the Catholic Churches embrace for all. To include the various roles and views that are held by leadership. It should be noted that particularity in South Asian cultures LGBTQ+ are viewed as the Angles of God. However, I agreed with Senator M. Rubio’s response to the recent Disney comment.

To conclude upon my meditations and reflections, I would like to take the time to thank Senator M. Rubio (R-FL) for providing a toned response to a question that was asked by an audience member with regards to Venezuela. I know that there was difference of opinion and disagreement of secret talks with the President Joseph R. Biden Jr., Administration earlier, but I felt that this response was focused more upon regime change, recognized human suffering and the internal struggles of Venezuela.

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Notes: I would particularly like to take the opportunity to thank the Honourable Senator Marco Rubio from the State of Florida (R-FL) for taking the time to deliver this address to the audience and as a live-stream from the Heritage Foundation, Washington DC., USA. I appreciated the information that you shared, and was especially drawn to the connections of human nature, that evoked me to write this response in the form of meditations and reflections. There are many thoughts within the address and my thoughts that span beyond this blog post, to write upon particular aspects within your talk. But for now, I wish that you too will enjoy to read my views as much as I was excited to learn from and with you! Thank you, with heartfelt love and kindness!

For more related blog posts, please type keywords in the search bar of our website homepage. These thoughts were originally hand-written on March 30th 2022 and amended on March 31st 2022. All views and opinions are Shazia’s and derived from the address by Senator M. Rubio.

With Love & Kindness ! 🇺🇸

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