I would like to wish House Speaker Nancy Pelosi all the very best for her visit to Asia that began on July 31st 2022. The visit will include Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. On August 1st 2021 it was announced that Mrs. Pelosi will visit Taiwan as well. While I know that the White House and China Officials have expressed caution, I think that it is brave and courageous of Mrs. Pelosi to put the desire of strengthening relationships between Nations and the Indo-Pacific regions.

This time will present as an opportunity to strengthen the already existing economic partnerships between Taiwan and the United States of America. I too was impressed to learn that Taiwan is America’s Ally since World War II (Woon, 2021), and that America’s Elite also have deep relationships with China (The New York Times, 2022). Although this thought is on the contrary to current discussions involving regions in Latin America, such as Uruguay and Suriname. The visit could potentially create future resolutions for current and developing Western Hemispheric and Latin American concerns (Rubio, 2022).


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Further Reading: The Washington Examiner | Nancy Pelosi to visit Taiwan during tour of Asia: Report

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