Please enjoy my Christmas baking. I feel blessed and grateful that I have been able to bake for Christmas 2021! This was my first year for baking Gingerbread cookies. I decided to make the shapes as Gingerbread men, snowflakes, an angel and a peace dove. I love our classic recipe of American Thumbprints, that I coated with almonds, simple sugar cookies and biscotti that I baked as the time advent started. These cookies are simple recipes, that are also cost-efficient depending upon the time that one has to bake. They are beautiful, creative and delicious. And of-course it is always nice to improve and have some help for my gingerbread decorating skills. Lots of love and yummy hugs!!!

I am always happy to give back and share with you all. Happy yummy Christmas baking 2021! With Love & Kindness! 🎄

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