I was inspired to see and hear of the new Steven Spielberg adaptation of “West Side Story.” Particularly as I was reading about the significance of the film as pertaining to the historical housing and urban renewals in the city of New York. Speilberg’s 2021 adaptation of the 1957 musical releases on the 10th of December 2021. During his interview on ABC’s 20/20 Special interview, entitled: “SOMETHINGS COMING: WEST SIDE STORY 20/20” I appreciated hearing from the director, the desire to respect and try to convey accuracy of cultural heritage, especially as I am critical of film adaptations. Spielberg recognizes the division of the Jets and the Sharks to assimilate with modern day political divides such as Democratic and Republican, but also reveals his very own opinion and view for harmony and peace, in the telling of a love story. Love. The relationship of love between two people, a couple can override divisions, to simply say: “Love Endures” – Steven Spielberg. This interview and the desire to remake the film is a beautiful example of Spanish – Mexican romanticism that intersects with the present formulation of America.

Thank you.

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ABC NEWS | Steven Spielberg talks new ‘West Side Story’ film, calling the story ‘generational’

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