Attending the Tomb of the Unknown Solider Veterans Day Centennial anniversary event was a reflective and riveting virtual experience. I took the time to reflect further, especially as I express the desire to live, grounded within the philosophical question: Death is inevitable, how much have you lived? My own thinking stretched as I connected to my love and honor website page. The countless lives that have been sacrificed through service, these lives are very real – the sacrifices are real. The deaths are real.

I guess my experience of being fully present within America during a tragedy was when the Hurricane Harvey 2017 struck Houston, Texas, USA. I received training from the Red Cross as to how to assist individuals who were now homeless, as well as volunteerism for the distribution of food, clothing and basic needs from Catholic Charities Houston, Texas. But this does not mean that the tragedies and terror attacks that frequently occur do not affect me, because that absolutely do.

The Tomb of the Unknown Centennial memorial, a once in a life-time flower ceremony, with the plaza that opened to the public for this special time in 78 years. The event made me think deeper especially about how the deceased are treated. It goes without saying that this memorial service, along with the services held for service members are treated with the highest regards. That emphasizes how a nation treats and respects its departed is held very close to the heart and soul. I absolutely loved to see the colorful flowers reflecting upon and around the Tomb monument decorated as a floral wreath. A beautiful reflection to honor life lived, sacrificed for nation, and the risen souls

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier early in the morning at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.

You are ours, We want to love you. I feel empty without you.” ~ Shazia.

Let me kiss your warm lips, bring you back to life. I need you. I want you to live for me. ~ Shazia.

I would rather be remembered for how much I love and loved. ~ Shazia.

To care one must care deeply. ~ Shazia.



Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on November 18th 2021.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸❤️

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