On November 15th 2021, President Joseph R. Biden signed a Bipartisan Infrastructure bill that was passed by the senate and signed into law earlier this afternoon. Bipartisan simply means to take the best ideas of both parties, Republicans and Democrats and combine them for what is sought as best. It truly was a reflective moment as Democrats and Republicans found a ground where common sense politics are enacted. I appreciated the passing of this legislation and hope that it will do what it is intended to do, and ultimately create social good to enhance the lives of the very populations of service. The degree of the momentous occasion / signing has yet to be seen. I think that this bill should be viewed as a way to enhance American Infrastructure, and of course if enhancements are done well, it will attract trade / tourism even without the idea of we need to compete with China or not. I believe that the United States has much to offer and investing within the American lands and people are vital, or maybe as the 45th President of the United States would say: AMERICA FIRST or Make America Great Again!! 😉 Congratulations and all the best for this infrastructure bill, an investment in America!!!

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Notes | These thoughts were originally hand-written on November 15th 2021

Image 1 Link | President J.R. Biden signing the infrastructure bill

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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