On September 15th 2021 National Hispanic heritage months begins, this month is dedicated to celebrate and honor the contributions and achievements of Hispanic and Latino Americans. Whilst there is not a singular racial category allocated to those who are designated as Hispanic / Latino given the beautiful colors of life, Hispanic / Latino identity is generally shares the common feature with the Spanish Language, cultural traditions and much more. Through my recent readings of Hispanic history in America as Spanish America, I believe that there is much value for preservations given that this is a history that is unique to America. Whilst there are prejudices and stereotyping that exist in the main stream and also depending upon what one values, I think that Hispanic and Latino/a/x have much to be proud of today as the month begins on the 15th. On September 16th 2021, there will be celebrations of the Mexico’s Independence, which is an inclusion of the Hispanic Heritage. Whilst this is a day of celebration for Mexicans, I continue to appreciate that Mexico was integral to the Spanish Empire and that the nation of Mexico should also appreciate its Spanish roots.

I wish everyone a very happy Hispanic Heritage Month! #ShaziaBlog #HispanicHeritageMonth

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With Love & Kindness! ­čÖé

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