As I took the time to reflect upon my previous thoughts I appreciated the idea of respecting one another pain, grief and sorrow, as our own life story, such as that the soul becomes a temple where we inhabit much of our emotional states and spaces. Having said this did need to find a mechanism for hope, especially in the quiet space. We all have hopes, dreams and desires, and it is these that ignite us to continue to live-on. From the perspective of severed relations, I was led to this book entitled: “THE WORLDS GREATEST PROPOSALS” by Fred Cuellar, also known as The Diamond Guy. I have kept the book for many years, but just by chance in a state of utter neediness I took a glance to read a few pages, truly remarkable to find hope that love exists. Relationships are possible even through severed relations, we are bound by love, love is what makes us come alive. With heartfelt gratefulness, thank you!!!

It is with these words that I would like to share my love and support to Houston, Texas and surrounding areas that are being affected with Hurricane Nicholas. Lots of love and hugs!

A note from publisher (Shazia) | Please note that these words and pages of this book are very personal to me which I keep very close to my heart and cherish. But have decided to share via this website. Thank you! : ) All images of this book cover and page are my own.

With Love & Kindness!

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