JULY 4TH 2021!

On July 4th 2021 the United States of America celebrated the 245th birthday with Independence Day celebrations. It is also on this day that I also took the time to celebrate, whilst I could not be there physically, I am always with you in-spirit. As I took the time to remember my memories of the July 4th celebrations as wit the Buffalo Bisons baseball game, and the Canal Side walk and visit to the Buffalo Military and Naval Park. I wore my American flag attire, baked a cake and watched the Macy’s Firework display that took place in New York. This year I was incredibly honored to feel that I am alive, living and breathing to mark this celebration, as well as to type these words; because it must be known that America gained independence and was birthed to form the United States with its 13 colonies and prominent aid from Spanish Military Leader: Bernado de Gรกlvez y Madrid. It is with these words that I stand witness to the incredible debt of gratitude that the Nation of the United States of America owes to their Spanish counter-parts today. At present, amidst the celebrations, although we might not hear of this historical mention, it is a truth that deserves to be preserved. Thank You!

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With Love & Kindness! ๐Ÿ™‚

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