They say that comparison is the thief of joy. I think that in most cases this is absolutely true. Especially as there comes a time when we could even loose what is most precious to us, thus; the desire to protect, preserve and maintain what gives us joy. I connected this idea to that of leadership and wondered: should the idea of comparison be utilized or not, as I reflected upon the Biden-Putin Russia Summit. Whilst this meeting and moment could have been viewed as a major political event, there were some major lapses in leadership quality. Such as holding a public summit meeting together after the private meetings took place, as well as being able to negotiate the release of USA prisoners.

Whilst the Trump presidency received much scrutiny during its term, we can say that President Trump was able to negotiate prisoner releases with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who at the time was considered a major threat to the United States of America. This thought all came to mind when I was absolutely devastated to learn of John David McAfee’s death. McAfee a British-American whose extradition to America was approved by the Spanish courts, and was later found dead in his jail cell.

We could argue that this is one person or not, but I wondered what kind of responsibility do leaderships / Governments have towards their citizens in this type of scenario? There was no mention of McAfee’s release or death from the Biden Administration. Even as the Trump Administration was quick to announce support to the family of Otto Frederick Warmbier.

Maybe as an outcome of a summit unfolds so too is the making to a presidency, as well as holding news media accountable for how a Presidency is perceived and allowed to form. These points offer a critical view and public political opinion, they are not intended as a personal attack upon anyone. As I continue to wish for future progress at the national and international levels.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on June 29th 2021.

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With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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