For World Refugee Day I would like to share the following excerpt from an unpublished manuscript that I wrote for my PHD course work. This is also especially as a continuation to reflect upon the Biden – Putin Summit and the thoughts that I shared within my previous blog post. As a student of the social sciences, or a scientist of the social sciences and science, it is understood of the responsibility and duty to disseminate information / research for the purposes of promoting social good and to increase human standards of living upon a world-wide reach (as possible). I hope that you will all be inspired by its content, as I was fascinated to learn this material as follows:

Humanitarianism differs from humanitarian aid. Humanitarianism is a complex of ideas, whereas humanitarian aid is equal to assistance. The action that is provided during and after, natural and human-made disasters. The field of humanitarianism began with 17th century thinkers. Hugo Grotius a Dutch humanist, and Samuel Freiherr Von Pufendorf a German philosopher. In the 18th century further developed by German Philosopher and the enlightenment thinker Immanuel Kant, and in the 19th century by the businessman from Switzerland Henri Dunant. What all these individuals had in common was witnessing the horrors of war. They believed that the wager for war should be viewed as a last resort. Henri Dunant pioneered the non – Governmental organization (NGO) entitled: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). It was during the time of the battle of Solferino in 1859, between France and Italy that Dunant was deeply shocked. He could not bear to witness the horrific treatment of humans between humans. This led to the creation of a permanent ICRC humanitarian system, ratified by the Geneva Convention in 1864. This philosophical view develops our understanding of humanitarianism. The efforts of pioneering individuals, who were deeply concerned with the state of humanity. We continue to see the work of Henri Dunant being carried forward. The ICRC is now part of the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), and the Red Crescent Movement (RCM). (Hussain,2020, -a; Hussain, 2020, -b).

Dunant was deeply shocked. He could not bear to witness the horrific treatment of humans between humans. #ShaziaBlog #Quote #WorldRefugeeDay


Hussain, S. S. (2020. -a). An Analysis of International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC). Humanitarian Organization, and Mission within the National Society of Venezuela. [Unpublished Manuscript]. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Hussain, S. S. (2020. -b). A Advocacy for Humanitarian Care. [Discussion Post]. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

From this excerpt we become aware of the historical roots of the field of humanitarianism, the historical concern for humanity, as we reflect upon World Refugee Day 2021.

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