Earth day, every day.

As I was taking the time to think about Earth Day and earth day as everyday; we are really reiterating the need to love and care for the Earth each and every day. This could be in the very minute ways of ensuring that the recycling gets done, or taking care of our living-spaces, indoors and outdoors. But the pause to have a specific day named as Earth day is to once again recommit to the goals of love and care for our Earth. We see this at present when leaders gather for the climate summit to reiterate the macro-goals and strategies of a nation, foreign and domestic. And at the micro-levels the goals ripple tp the individuals and household levels.

For the purposes of nature as a resource, we can think about the promises that are found within the resources of nature. For instance: throughout history we can think about the natural resources / raw materials that have been commonly utilized by humans, as well as the new discoveries that are being found from natural elements, such as Lithium in the Mojave Desert, Nevada as recent news story that inspired me.

But of course these have always been criticism of human use of raw materials, which are found to damage the earth. The quite common is that of oil. Oil is a natural resource that is found within the Earth’s abundance’s. Whilst the resource has and still does serve for many purposes, I continue to sense that new ways of replenishing the Earth or making sure that the uses of oil are cared for properly can be found.

But this also includes the utilization of all of the abundances’ that are found within the Earth. This is the promise of the land and its resources, to serve and to give. And just as we receive from the lands, it is also important to replenish. In a similar way we can assimilate these thoughts to the very life that is inhabited by our body. As we take from our living body, in-terms of the energies, we also have to replenish. To give back to our living body, replenish the soul, with tender love and care.

As we consider earth day as every day, I take the time to connect macro climate strategies, micro / individual goals to include the human body that is also designed to give with the need for replenishment.

In-keeping with these thoughts I would like to send my good wishes to all Houston, Texas and the southern half of the United States of America where tornados and thunderstorms have been forecasted.

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Video Reference: ABC News. (2021, April 21). Clean energy source: Lithium in the Mojave Desert | WNT. [Video]. You Tube.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on April 23rd, 2020.

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