In 2014 I began to create the outline of the Robin bird with embroidery thread, which was kept tucked away in our sewing box / stuff that I only just found that I had kept whilst organizing the sewing stuff. I finally finished this robin embroidery which I have decided to title as: American Robin. Please enjoy my images of our completed American Robin Bird, just in time for the spring season, which I hope will inspire many to revitalize this arts and craft.

The images below are of the embroidery stitching as I progressed to its completion.

Dedication: I would like to dedicate American Robin to all branches of the military who wear the stars and stripes on their uniforms, thus the addition of the stars in the background. And to the social media platform of Twitter, specifically the Twitter Bird which I joined in 2014. Thank you for giving our voices an avenue, and allowing us to sing our song. And to all who serve, sacrifice and love nation, at home and abroad including civilians. I would specifically like to mention Tilman J. Fertitta whose contributions to the city of Houston, Texas and beyond have pioneered the city forward through times of struggles and prosperity. Thank you! God Bless You and God Bless America!



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