On November 7th 2020 a winner was declared for the election 2020 that took place on November 3rd, 2020. Joseph R. Biden and Dr. Jill Biden were declared as the 46th President and First-Lady elect of the United States of America. Along with Kamala Harris as Vice-President and Doug Emhoff as 1st second gentleman elect.

I was quite surprised with the announcement of the win and had to check multiple sources to see if the news was actually true, as I thought that the election count could last for a few more days. Nevertheless, the news is welcomed, especially to unravel some of the unrest, as people feel anxious for an election result. The days of counting ballots and a delayed result could also be perceived as a test for human patience.

As the many congratulatory messages are received – it is also a time to pray for leadership. In hope of love, unity and for America. National and International. As individuals of all kinds put their hope in the American Dream.

As there is hope for a peaceful transition: President Donald J. Trump is vowing to take matters to court to ensure that election results are valid. For this matter it is his administrations right, and that of a nation to ensure that the election results are valid, and we have to respect his advisories. It is also a time to test the loyalty of Republicans throughout the nation, at home and abroad during this time of a change of leadership. Although Biden support celebrations are in full swing, to embrace this election as a victory. I look forward to what the Biden and Harris Presidency will look like, as well as initiatives from The Dr. Jill and Joe Biden White House.

These thoughts are to offer congratulation for the announcement of President-Elect. I look forward to the formal announcement / decelerations and inaugurations in 2021. Thank you to the Republicans, Democrats and all who serve for nation.

Thank you! God Bless You & God Bless America! 🌹

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