The Divine Force!

On May 4th there is a celebration for the Star Wars franchise. Fans of Star Wars commemorate this day with the popular quote / pun: “May The Fourth Be With You.” There are also symbols attached to the phrase which could possibly invoke inferences such as fight or war. However, whilst the fandom / fan base chooses to celebrate how they desire to do so, I wanted to share another perspective, that is connected to the idea of “force,” or “May The Force Be With You.” Such as the “Force” as the representation of divine energy, energy from the universal source.

The following pages are from the book entitled: “Friendship with God, An Uncommon Dialogue,” by Neal Donald Walsh. I appreciated what Walsh had to offer, from a God perspective, especially because the words “May The Force / Fourth Be With You” are very similar to the Christian expression of “The Lord Be With You.” Which is also offered as a blessing.

“I tell you there is a Divine Force in the universe, and it is made up of these: creative energy, gentle wisdom, pure love.” (Walsh 1999) #StarWars #MayThe4thBeWithYou #Quote #ShaziaBlog

  • Book Reference: Walsch, D. Neale. Friendship With God, an uncommon dialogue. New York, Penguin Putnam Inc. 1999.
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  • Notes – These thoughts were originally hand-written on May 8th 2020, I realize that Star Wars fan celebration is on May 4th, but I still decided to share. Thank you!

My thoughts to share with love and kindness! 🌹

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