Book Reflection!

The truth is that I am slowly plowing away through the following book entitled: Friendship With God · an uncommon dialogue · By Neale Donald Walsh. The book so far is a really good read. With points that gravitate to a higher or lesser degree of agreement. With some profound thoughts, that require total silence. In the simple awe of uttering one word: TRUE. But the fact of the matter of these thoughts is that I held back upon writing, and even hinting at the mention of the book, why? Because of the authors name. I touched on a thought with a recent instagram post. I reflected upon these thoughts, and even after reading further, I came to a decision: Just as the saying goes: we cannot judge a book by its cover, however; a cover can entice / attract us. A nation by what is heard through news media, an author because of the authors name; or from the inferences that we draw from our human experience or worldly surroundings. However, as I have not completed reading the entire book, I cannot write a conclusive reflection. But I would like to offer commentary, especially with regards to the topic of the soul.

How beautiful it is to know that the souls purpose is truly to announce and declare our very own existence! #shaziblog #linkinbio #goldennugget #wisdom #gems #thediamondguy

The book itself is a dialogue, just as the title entails. A conversation with God. Whist we could become spectacle about the author Neale Donald Walschs’ premise: that he is in-fact listening or hearing God’s voice, the agreement / disagreement is a choice that the reader has to make. But the profound raw truth of the statements, however long or short brings us back to our own truth. The truth of our existence, our soul. These are important reminders. As humans “seek to experience who you are through others, rather than allowing others to experience who they are through you” (Walsch, p. 165). In life we will encounter many who support us or oppose us, but we ourselves have to believe in ourselves, who we are as humans. Essentially what do we bring to the table, that varies to a higher or lesser degree from others? Similarities or differences can be the source or cause to settle, unsettle, love, hate, or the cause of a behaviour, attitude from others and also the self. But even through the recognition of self, the writer reminds us of God’s inherent desire to love. Naming God: “God of love” (p. 39). Reframing what one could have previously thought, or the very construction of the belief of God. So rather than driving belief from the basis of fear – belief is driven from love. God of love, as learning to value and accept the self through love. Even as we suffer, or think that we must suffer to get to God wants us to be. Maybe the experience of personal suffering may allow us to learn and build important character traits and skills. But what the question boils down to is: Does one have to always suffer, does one need to suffer to learn how to value the self? But truly, regardless of situation or circumstance, the human value is held in ones own hand. Even as we think about the value in terms of monetary. Where humans are blessed with more or less. Instead of feeling envious or competitive driven, the view is more economically inclined – a blessing. And even evokes the lens of the humanitarian.

“To empower the dreams of humanity with the living of our one dreams. What a magnificent idea?”

Neale Donald Walsch, p. 34

But even through this lens, we are reminded that we are the creators. Quite often we think that we are the limitation of our own creativity, but in my view, I believe that human creativity is limitless. What can be limiting are the many social / emotional blocks, and other factors. But then we could argue that maybe creativity is purposely limited because of its power? As the more we create, the more we discover about ourselves. Even through the limits that we perceive, in a state of rest is a perception, and in a state of productivity is the result of perception.

In a state of rest is a perception, and in a state of productivity is the result of perception. #ShaziBlog #Quote #Creativity

The few thoughts that I have offered are a reflection of the book. Through the dialogues with God, we can find many nuggets / gems of wisdom, that possess the ability to teach and raise our consciousness. The important yet profound truth is trust. Ones ability to put forth trust in higher consciousness, or as the writer describes: Christ Consciousness. Trusting even through the unknown. Even when we ourselves do not understand or perceive a specific outcome.

Authors Name: As I have found the courage to write and comment on a few points within this very popular book, I have to say that I am glad I did, because the authors name can easily infer to our current President, President Trump. This is not a good or bad thing per se, but rather exemplifies that inferences that we draw are not always accurate, one should possess the freedom to write, think and comment. Why should one have to feel so fearful because or political alignment or oppositions? The content of the book, are not politically inclined as democratic, republic or any other political party preferences.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on December 7th and 12th 2019. Image 1 Weblink

Reference: Walsch, D. Neale. Friendship With God, an uncommon dialogue. New York, Penguin Putnam Inc. 1999.

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