Ash Wednesday!

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lent / Lenten season, in preparation for the remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice, and his celebration for Easter. We extend our thoughts of love and peace to all who observe the religious traditions, customs, and celebrations of Ash Wednesday, and the season which lasts for six weeks or 40 days. Many individuals invoke the following verse in commemoration of Ash Wednesday:

I took the time to reflect upon this verse and thought about its reminders of birth, death and the temporal, fragile nature of life itself. I think that this is an important reminder, especially when there is so much busyness, or maybe sometimes frustrations, the hurts of life, as well as happiness. More so we can think about the competitive drives of human beings. This temporality acts as a unifying and equilibrium point. However; this reminder allows us to foresee and see what is important from the toils of life, and should also bring hope back to life: Just as a crucification and resurrection. This is where I thought about the following verse:

It is quite natural to feel a sense of panic, anxiety, or frustration during times within life, or through the toils of life as I mentioned earlier, but the losses / suffering should not be viewed as an end, but rather an altered state of the very life that we are living. So long as we are alive, we must always continue to seek to live! Thus; “Beauty out of ashes.” (Isiah, 61:3) A return, a redemption to the true authentic self!

Love and peace to all on the day of Ash Wednesday and throughout the Lent / Lenten season.

My thoughts to share with love & kindness! 🙂

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