The following thoughts are a continuation from my reading of the book by Tilman J. Fertitta, entitled: “SHUT UP AND LISTEN.” I was inspired with the exact alignment of my own thoughts, as I read the following quote on p. 115 of Fertitta’s book.

“People who ask questions are often the smartest in the room because they have the humility to ask about what they don’t know.” #TilmanFertitta #Tilmanism #ShutUpAndListen #Quote #ShaziBlog #Shazism #Motivation #Inspiration #Students #Education

I have always been a believer in questions. It does not matter how much knowledge one has accumulated, or whatever life-stage one has reached, we are never too knowledgeable, old or young to ask questions. Question drive our curiosity, create creativity, and it is truly a humble act, to continue to ask questions, even with the possession of an amount of knowledge or power. We can all learn something from someone be it a child or an adult. This is what life-long learning is all about, and it is this type of attitude, to never seize to learn; especially through turbulent times, when we are seeking solutions, trying to build peace with the bridges of human diplomacy.

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Questions, Derive; Questions. #ShaziBlog #Shazism #TilmanFertitta #Tilmanism #ShutUpAndListen #Quote #Motivation #Inspiration #Students #Education

I was inspired to created the above thought entitled SPIRALS! The profound alignment of our thoughts was a wonderful source for inspiration, and not only that, it is a nice validation to know that individuals who do ask questions can still be thought of as smart. We all need that sense of validation, internal or external, to believe that ones existence matters.

Reference: Fertitta, J. Tilman. SHUT UP AND LISTEN. HarperCollins Leadership, 2019.


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