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Whist I do not own a physical copy of the book entitled: The complete artist’s way, I really love to pick this book up every time I have the opportunity to walk into the book store. It’s inspirations go beyond the audience of the artist, but all walks of life who desire to feel inspired. The following two quotes are from individuals the author included in this book that I also shared on my twitter account, they are as follows:


“I Am Still Learning.”


“I Am Still Learning.” Michelangelo #ShaziBlog #Quote

This quote struck out to me, and aligns with my own personal philosophy of teaching and learning. Learning is not just limited to the traditional classroom, it extends far beyond formal learning, which invites the idea of life-long learning. Learning that occurs throughout life, life experiences and self-development. This includes the learning throughout our adult years within a classroom / formal traditional learning too.


“Become As Little Children.”


“Become As Little Children.” Jesus. #ShaziBlog #Quote

This above thought inspired me, especially with this idea of wonder and curiosity. Sometimes our adult minds that are bombarded with the stagnations of current events and turmoil, with the need to once again feel that sense of hope. We must realign and focus, the spirt and soul. To be as curious as little children.

Both of these quotes are from great minds. Michelangelo of Italy, Italian sculptor, artist and poet. Revered during the period of the Renaissance. I especially love Florentine Arts for their use of color, mixing of paint with the use of real gems to create paint colors, which are visible in various art works during this period. The quote from Jesus also also made me think about: how at present day we too can also include Jesus as a great thinker, and even one of the greatest minds to touch Earth. The Artists Way includes many more quotes and inspiration for all walks of life.

We too can also include Jesus as a great thinker, and even one of the greatest minds to touch Earth. #ShaziBlog #Quote #Inspiration

Michelangelo, Pieta, c. 1498-1500, marble – Please click on the image for the weblink
Please click on the link for the weblink

Book Reference: Cameron, Julia. The complete artist’s way: Creativity as a spiritual practice. Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2007.

Image 1 – Credit

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