Within the many recognitions in May, Military Appreciation Month is celebrated, recognized and appreciated. I thank all branches of the U.S. Military / Armed forces for all that you do to serve and protect the United States of America in the domestic and foreign realms that also includes for the skies above. On this day of March 13, 2023, I remember walking in The New York Times Square in May 20th 2017, as I first learned of this day in full presence from a military recruiting station. I think that recruitment and military service has expanded to meet the needs of today to also foresee what is to come for the future. But for now thank you to the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen, Guardians and all who have served past and present. May God Protect your efforts, God Bless You and God Bless America, Amen.

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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