January 11th is also known as Human Trafficking Awareness Day. This day seeks to raise awareness for the forced trafficking of humans in all kinds of forms. This includes slavery, human trading, sexual exploitations, and forced labor. It also includes forced marriage, the smuggling of humans and exploitations. While I think that the word consent is very important to add, it is recognizable that human trafficking exists national, international and all around the globe.

Many forms that we can see at present day, especially to note the populations of the U.S. Southern Border. Individuals who are trying to seek safety in the United States of America, from countries such as Mexico, Honduras, Venezuela, the current situation of El Paso, Texas and so forth. This also intersects with violent / brutal regimes and gangs that exist to keep activities that encompass human trafficking on-going.

I think that it is truly a blessing to be able to love whom one desires. To feel the reciprocity of love. To feel the love, affection, the fulfilling of sexual intimacy, and relations in every way is truly God-Given.

I know that maybe sometimes when we are engaging in the advocacy of pro-life, anti-abortion, marriage or any kind of steady relationship, it might seem that we are going backwards in-terms of social progress / societal growth, but in my view these types of human covenants are crucial to help with the preventions and eliminations of Human Trafficking.

Thank you! With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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