I would like to thank the Navajo Nation and Navajo men and women that were enlisted in the U.S. Marines to serve for World War II, all the very best for the commemoration of Navajo Code Talkers Day 2022.

Navajo Code Talkers Day is on August 14th 2022 and celebrates the secret code language that the United States Marines and Natives utilized to communicate for WWII. The main mechanisms for communication transmissions were military telephone and radio communications.

I appreciate to see the happiness and pride that is felt by the Navajo Nation to have this day set aside especially for the remembrance of this contribution.

Image 1 – Link | Image of the Navajo Nation flag with the USA Navajo Nation themed flag. Navajo Nation is located in North Eastern Arizona.

Happy Navajo Code Talkers Day! Semper Fi | Always Faithful!

With Love & Kindness! 🇺🇸

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