For the Assumption of Mary – August 15th 2020. I took the time to reflect upon the value of family. What it means to have the support of a loving family through the positives and negatives of ones life journey. The happiest of times and the most neediest. The realization is that family will not always choose to walk along-side us during all of the facets of life. The choices that one makes, and the agonies one faces. Truly are the blessed who have the support structures of a loving family from the moment of birth.

But this does not mean that those who do not possess family support will not have any-kind of support. We have heard of the saying, blood is thicker than water, or friends become family. Which can be drawn upon a case by case basis. As we also connect with the orphans, homeless, or the families that do not fit the traditional nuclear family model. Mentors who become fathers, mothers and guardians.

There will always be family break-downs, and the concept of family shifts. Created and re-created. As we connect to marriage, divorce, re-marriage and so forth. To also connect that the human family of the World is not homogeneous. To reckon with the devastations that form with the outcasts of society, and tragic honor killings.

While purporting the beautiful sacred value of family that is desired for preservation, pro-creation, and generation formation, we must be mindful of the heterogeneous populations. To also note the service men and women who have suffered loss from these very sacred bonds that one seeks to preserve.

It is with these thoughts we lay our cares and concerns to the mother of the greatest sacrifice – Christ Jesus; as we mark the Assumption of Mary. May we feel your tender loving caress as our spiritual Mother, as you enter the kingdom of Heaven. May we find comfort and wellness to know that whatever family form or family background that we are from, you will accept and embrace us as our Mother Mary, Amen.

Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on August 14th 2022. Please note that the frequency of the words “To Connect” and “Connect” are purposely written create emphasis upon the idea of human connections / connectivity. Thank you.

With Love & Kindness!🇺🇸

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