D-DAY 78.

On June 6th 2022 we remember the 78th anniversary of battle of Normandy that is also referred to as D-Day. I take a moment to remember the service, sacrifice, courage, bravery, valour and much more from the U.S. Military Service Men, Women and allied forces that swarmed the Omaha Beaches of France, to liberate Millions from the largest Seaborne Operation in history known as Operation Overlord. The 32nd U.S. President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt presided during the battle of Normandy and placed Army General Dwight David Eisenhower in charge of the allied operations. Thank you for your service, sacrifice and fidelity to nation.

UPDATE | I would like to take the time to thank Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for sharing your commemorative D-Day tweet and the National D-Day Memorial for their D-Day remembrance ceremony upon this 78th Anniversary. I appreciate taking the time to listen to your stories and to see living World War II veterans amongst you. I also especially appreciated the word of accomplishment. This is an important reminder. There are many historical battles and present day services and sacrifices, to note the purposes and what one hopes to achieve, and what was and has been accomplished through the turning points of history (Updated on June 6th 2022 at 12:50 PM). Thank you.

With Love & Kindness!🇺🇸

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