On the eve of the 1 year anniversary of President Biden’s inauguration January 19th 2021, I took the time to listen and reflect upon his semi-formal type of address, that was also called a Press-Conference. As we are too aware of the great challenges that the health pandemic has created, I wondered should I even care to write upon the matter? As macro events sprinkle to the microcosm, to essentially feel the effects. But then I thought what if one persons thoughts could make a difference? So I picked up this pen, to once again step into the world of politics, that in a sense bears the world, where there is much to reflect upon.

What I think that President Biden had backing him as he stepped into the Oval Office is the credibility of serving as Vice-President for the Obama administration. So it was almost as though: hey folks calm down, we are going to make all things better. Which is where we can connect his rhetoric of promises. As we live in-times of uncertainty, his promises will also fluctuate accordingly. But this does not mean to say that the heart of the matter is not there. And truly the people who are living under a Biden presidency are the ones who could actually be the best evaluators of his job thus far.

From national politics to international, concerning the Afghanistan withdrawal and Russia / Ukraine tension, I think that the Russia-Ukraine situation could serve to attract the attention of Global politics, and once again add another layer to the crisis’ that are developed by the COVID-19 health pandemic. The United States of America does have a sacred obligation to protect NATO members, however, Ukraine is not a NATO member. But this does not mean to say that Ukraine would not appeal to Washington. Given that the European Union and NATO Allies are U.S. interests, it would suggest that Washington does have to pay some sort of attention to this matter. But the question is how much? Given that Governments are already stretched with matters at home.

If a real conflict were to emerge, I think that it might be selfish of Russia and Ukraine given the burdens of the health pandemic. It also will put Washington in a precarious situation – especially as diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Russia are essential for a prosperous NATO, European Union and Security Council. Maybe war can simply be eliminated to discuss and resolve the root causes, stemming from Gas prices and natural gas supply.

As preciously mentioned the Ukraine and Russian situation has swayed national and international attention from the abrupt USA evacuation missions from Afghanistan, the humanitarian and political crisis in Venezuela, the U.S. Mexico border and much more, which again are confounded with the COVID-19 pandemic.

I appreciated taking the time to listen to what President Biden had to say, the question and answers from the press, and the time that he took for the public media, especially as these are quite rare for President Biden. Although there were tones of anger and frustration felt, politics and political view aside, we are all human, and just trying to do our best. As I watched, reflected and write these words, I missed the feeling of natures elements, the sights and sounds, as I would walk along Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC., USA. I continue to wish all the best to the United States of America, national and international. God Bless You and God Bless America!!! Thank you.

Further Reading | The New York Times | Biden says he will pursue a scaled-back agenda as he defends his first year in office.

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Notes: These thoughts were originally hand-written on January 20th 2021. Please note that this writing is to reflect upon President Biden’s 1 year press-conference, I attempt a neutral tone, and do not endorse any particular political view at this moment. Thank you for your continued readership! : )

With Love & Kindness! 🙂

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